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Turnaround Consulting

In the growth and development of every business, there are certain critical stages that require strategic transformational change. Many successful businesses plateau at a certain level of sales or grow to a size that results in a negative bottom line. Organizational structure must be aligned to ensure capabilities exist to ensure profitability and sustainability.

We have proven success in directing companies through these difficult times, ensuring that financial stability is achieved and sound controls and strategic framework is put in place to restore positive grown to a clients top and bottom lines.

We are skilled in the process of affecting profound change in times of great challenge and am committed to achieving real results for my clients. While each business has its unique characteristics, the process to a complete and sustainable turnaround begins with the following foundation:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the financial situation and halt the bleeding to achieve break-even and beyond.
  • Align the structure to achieve high output management and create a sound organizational structure to meet the needs of the operation.
  • Build in the internal controls necessary for maintaining the positive strides that are achieved.
  • Achieve operational optimization through streamlining the supply chain.
  • Build in relevant competitive advantage and a commitment to execution.
  • Implement Sales and Marketing Strategies that achieve tangible results.