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Training and Recruitment


A sure way to greater profitability: Recruiting, training, coaching, mentoring, and developing leaders to help you to maximize all your opportunities.

  • Align skills/training with business goals: Only when this is done does the workforce contribute to overall company performance.
  • Create a participative culture: Fostering loyalty and a high level of engagement among employees at all levels of the company improves performance.
  • Measurement: Analysis.
  • Create a proactive management team, which promotes ownership and accountability.
  • Innovative models-help provide better talent management and training services.
  • Potential Managers in Training program, for employees-can save $000’s and motivate other employees.
  • Incoming Managers in training program, to ensure they are set up for success, to ensure your successes.
  • Recruiting the best Chefs and F&B Operatives,getting the best out of the market.
  • Coaching management and departmental employees to be food focused and the best in the business.
  • Management Evaluation systems.
  • Customized Training Programs for Frontline employees.
  • Employee retention program, which leads to, increased sales and profits.
  • Departmental employees evaluation systems.
  • Planning ahead for training programs, to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Growth action plans.
  • Health and safety- practical solutions.
  • Food safety- practical solutions.
  • Change implementation.
  • Menu implementation evaluation system to maximize sales and profit straight away.
  • To increase a company's ability to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace through enhanced flexibility and speed.