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Strategic Business Planning


Execution is paramount. We ensure that yours is the best it can be by providing the tools, training, systems, consistency, employee participation, and direction you need.

  • One coherent system working across the units (sometimes across national borders) to ensure the most effective use of all operating systems, talent and product.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Optimizing operating standards.
  • Create uniform performance measures.
  • Improve operational effectiveness.
  • Re-alignment of operations to maximize sales and profits.
  • Operations procedure to ensure guest satisfaction to create guest loyalty.
  • Food safety and health and safety, practical solutions.
  • EHO visits turnaround and staying a step ahead of EHO.
  • ‘Management on the floor mentality’.
  • Turnaround/Crisis management.
  • Best Practice Evaluation - all areas of the business.
  • Communication systems between, Owners, Management and Employees.
  • To increase a company's ability to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace through enhanced flexibility and speed.


It is not only about cutting costs to drive profits. It is about optimizing critical areas first.

  • Maximize and optimize all contributing cost impactors, WITHOUT DIMINISHING THE BRAND.
  • Increasing sales with a better return on each $ increase to have profits flow to the bottom line.
  • Focus and impact all Profit and Loss categories.
  • All Financials- budgets, forecasting, breakevens, P&L.
  • Optimizing Sales vs. all Variable costs.
  • Positive increase on gross profit, variable/ controllable profit and trading profit.
  • Identifying scale of negative impact areas in line with priorities.
  • Implementation of key systems, to assist in controlling the business, to ensure long term continuation profitable growth.
  • Objective and fresh approach to help evolve, future profitability.
  • Impact on all Key Performance Indicators (KPI).