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Startup restaurants:

We work with you to meet all your needs in the startup process and coordinate all the tasks as per requirement.

Assist to improve underperforming Restaurants:

All investors and restaurant owners want their restaurants to be running successfully and generate maximum revenue. Not all outlets come up to the mark on regard. We provide detailed analysis of the operations of your underperforming unit and provide the right combination of solutions to improve them.

Management Contracts:

If you are to busy with other investments in your portfolio and you are not able to provide the necessary time to the restaurant . Our company would be glad to provide ,Management Contract services to make it easy to run your business. Feel free to contact us at the given number for more information.

Site Selection / Feasibility:

Right location is the key to success of any restaurant at any given time. This ensures the right traffic flow to your restaurant to meet all the needs of the business. Feasibility study is also an important part of any restaurant venture . All information that we give you on this matter will assist in understanding the feasibility of the project. Feasibility study we provide are as follows:

  • Site identification.
  • Demographics.
  • Traffic Flow.
  • Competition.
  • Impediments.
  • Solution.

Business Plan Writing:

Today a good business plan is an absolute essential before indulging in any business venture. All aspects that one needs to be familiar with and the possible investor or bank will look for are put forward to make you save your valuable time and increase the profits on your investment.


The most important part of any business is the creation of a good budget for the successful execution of the project. Improperly done it can bring an entire unit down. We make a detailed budget projection with cash flow and month to year to make your investment more meaningful.

Menu Development:

All the restaurant’s success is mainly judged by the traffic flow it has . A good sincere regular flow of guests is ensured not only by the ambiance to the place but primarily by the food .The quality of the menu and the selections it provides and the right execution of menu. Our expert services in menu development and its costing, design ,upgrading and incorporation of latest trends have made our projects a big success.

Concept Development:

The concept ,the theme of the restaurant is an essential part of the restaurant entertainment business. It is essential to get a feeling of what the restaurant will look like and make it lively , with all its excitement as a living being.


Our association with well known architects and interior designer provides our projects a unique edge over others to set the right mood for the guests.


Marketing is very important to promote your restaurant and let your possible and future diner to know about your presence in the neighborhood to bring the place to Limelight and finally generate the profits.

Equipment Selection:

Right selection of equipment is another important aspect of a restaurant .Without which working becomes difficult and hazardous . We assist in this process to increase to the output of the outlet.


With our more than twenty years of experience in the hospitality trade we provide systematic ,step by step ,gradual and crash course training to both front and back of the house training.

Employee / Company policy Manual:

All employers should give their workers with all they need to know about the dos and don’ts of the company they are employed in.

Job Description / Job specification:

These are written down by us for your restaurant for the ease of both employer and the employee.

Soft and Grand Opening Assistance:

Our team will assist you in striking the right notes to create the needed buzz to make the restaurant Happen.