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Product Development and Innovation

Developing commercial ready products which consistently exceed consumer’s expectations is the key to building brand equity and a sustainable and profitable business.

Tuhin Dutta is experienced in the proven process of developing products that meet the various parameters of quality, taste, stability and product safety. We offer contract resources to...

Define the key product characteristics that are required including sensory evaluation targets.

Develop a base formula to achieve your desired objectives.

Build competitive advantages into the product that create a sellable value proposition for the end product.

Confirm commercial readiness through lab prototype development an d plant scale up testing to ensure commercial viability.

Ensure critical control points are in place to achieve food safety requirements.

Tuhin Dutta has a proven track record in developing successful and sustainable products for both private label and branded manufacturers. Long term success is directly related to the perceived value of your product in the marketplace. Sound product development and food safety principles are at the heart of that value.

Let me help you leverage the true value of your brand and build your business throughout its relevant market segments.